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सट्टा मटका मधुर मोर्निंग मटका रिजल्ट 30.12.2021/ Satta Matka Madhur Morning Matka Result 30.12.2021

Uganda's ban on sports betting was the right thing to do

Live Satta Matka Madhur Morning Result 2021 –  You can first check Satta Matka Madhur Morning Result Live here. First of all click here to see Satta Matka Madhur Morning Chart result and get fastest Satta Matka result. Today Satta Matka Madhur Morning Chart Result available here. The result of Satta Matka Madhur Morning is declared at morning. You can read the chart and result of Madhur Morning on this page. Satta Matka Madhur Morning is a form of gambling or, more precisely, a form of betting based on the lottery number system. The number is opened every day in this lottery number method, and the person who opens the number wins the money bet on that number; if the number opens another, you lose all the money bet. In states like Maharashtra, Gujrat, Haryana, and Delhi, Kalyan Matka is popular.

Madhur Morning Open Result Time: The result of Madhur Morning Chart Open comes at 11:35 AM at morning.

Madhur Morning Close Result Time: The result of Madhur Morning Chart Close comes at 12:35 PM at afternoon

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Today Satta Matka Madhur Morning Chart Result Panel 14.12.2021

14-Dec-21 589-22-129
13-Dec-21 478-94-112
12-Dec-21 600-69-388
11-Dec-21 690-54-158
10-Dec-21 780-55-258
09-Dec-21 139-38-279
08-Dec-21 277-64-248
07-Dec-21 259-64-356
06-Dec-21 250-77-377
05-Dec-21 270-93-337
04-Dec-21 120-39-900
03-Dec-21 149-44-400
02-Dec-21 250-75-159
01-Dec-21 399-15-780


30-Nov-21 469-94-680
29-Nov-21 790-63-139
28-Nov-21 120-38-350
27-Nov-21 358-67-890
26-Nov-21 448-69-469
25-Nov-21 249-58-468
24-Nov-21 159-56-899
23-Nov-21 114-69-180
22-Nov-21 467-78-369
21-Nov-21 233-82-237
20-Nov-21 570-24-770
19-Nov-21 120-32-237
18-Nov-21 177-56-330
17-Nov-21 270-95-339
16-Nov-21 200-26-268
15-Nov-21 347-43-256
14-Nov-21 149-42-570
13-Nov-21 470-17-160
12-Nov-21 247-32-570
11-Nov-21 239-40-370
10-Nov-21 179-70-127
09-Nov-21 159-57-467

Madhur  Matka is a speculative game or rather it is a type of gambling that you can play online and it is played in different ways. Playing any type of gambling or betting is not legal at all in India, but despite this it is very popular and it is played hidden from the eyes of the law. The main reason for the popularity of Milan Matka is that you can earn huge profits in a short time, but many people lose everything due to excessive greed in it. That’s why we do not recommend you to play betting at all.

This game was earlier played offline but now it is played online which has also been banned by the government, but still the number of users playing it is very high. Apps related to Madhur Matka are also available, by downloading which you can find out information about it.

There are many satta games available in the market, out of which Madhur Matka is a game which is very popular in India. Satta game became very popular in India in the 90s as people started earning more profit by investing less money. Even nowadays it is played by many people but now it is not as popular as before, due to the following reasons:

Many other online sources of earning money are now available.
These online sources are legal and easily available.
Nowadays you can easily invest money online in share market.
Gambling is considered a bad habit, it is seen in a bad light in the society.
Satta game has been banned by the government.
People are now more alert than ever for the speculative game.
The timing of the start and end of Madhur Matka is fixed. Milan Matka opening time is 3:00 PM while closing time is 5:00 PM. Milan Night opening time is 9 PM while closing time is 11:05 PM.

Note: Satta playing timings are subject to change, the timings given here are currently as per our knowledge which may change in future. We try our best to update the time daily.

Just like Madhur Matka there are other games available in the market such as Kalyan Matka, Satta King, Prabhat Satta, Kuber Matka, Madhur Matka etc. These are a kind of lottery game which is completely based on the lottery number system. Every day the number opens in it and if the number entered by you is opened then you win in it and you get a lot of profit,

But if your number does not open then you lose all the money you have invested. It is played extensively in states like Mumbai, Haryana, Delhi. There are many websites available online to play Milan Matka.

Madhur Matka Chart Live Today 2021

226 – 03 – 256
689 – 37 – 449
337 – 38 – 468
679 – 22 – 390
680 – 44 – 248
124 – 79 – 180

What will come in Madhur Matka open today?

In Milan Matka game you have to guess the numbers which number will open today? It is very difficult to tell in advance about these numbers that what will come in Milan Matka open today? You can only guess about it, which completely depends on your luck.

You can see the list of old open numbers, which numbers have come before this and in what way, then you can guess according to your own, which number can be opened today? Or what will come in Milan Matka today? If the number entered by you is opened then you win otherwise you lose all the money you put.

History of Madhur Matka

The history of betting in India is associated with independence, since independence, it started being played in large quantities. The matka game was originally introduced to involve betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange, which originated in Mumbai in 1960 by Kalyanji Bhagat. In this it was estimated that in which rate it would open and in which rate it would be closed? It was closed by the New York Cotton Exchange in 1961,

After this again in 1964, Ratan Khatri introduced New Worli Matka in 1964, in which minor changes were made in the rules of the game, which were more friendly for the public. Initially, the number was removed by putting a slip in the pot, and the number that came was considered a lucky number and whoever put this number would win.

After this this game was also played by cards. In today’s time it is played online but it is still known as Matka. This game is banned by the government and do not recommend you to take part in this type of activity at all.

Matka Timing

Time Open: 1 PM
Time Close: 2 PM
Milan Open: 3.05 PM
Milan Close: 5.05 PM
Kalyan Open: 3.45 PM
Kalyan Close: 5.45 PM
Milan Night Open: 9 PM
Milan Night Close: 11.05 PM
Main Ratan Open: 9.35 PM
Main Ratan Close: 12 AM
Kalyan Night Open: 9.35 PM
Kalyan Night Close: 12.5 AM


Why is Madhur Matka played?

The main objective of playing Madhur Matka is to earn as much money as possible. As you go on playing the game, your greed for money in it increases. You want to earn maximum profit without working hard. Matka game is banned by the government but still it is played secretly from the eyes of law, and people lose a lot in the greed of earning money in it. You should know that there is no shortcut to earn money, hard earned money has a lot of value.

Many Matka games are played in the market which are: Milan Day, Rajdhani Day, Worli Day, Super Kalyan, Supreme Day, Milan Night, Rajdhani Night, Supreme Night, Kuber Morning, Sagar Day, Sagar Night, Bhagyalaxmi, Kamal Day, Bombay Bazar, Kalyan Night, Time Bazar, Main Mumbai Day

How to play Madhur Matka?

Madhur Matka lottery is based on the number system in which you have to select the number. In this you have to guess in advance which number can open today? Along with this, you also have to invest money in it, which completely depends on you, how much money you want to invest? If the number entered by you is opened, then you win many times more money than the amount invested and if the number entered by you does not come then you lose all the money invested.

Satta is such a game that the more you play, the more greed you get. This is the reason that many people lose everything in this greed to earn more money. You can lose the hard earned money of your life in one go, so keep proper distance from such betting game. We do not recommend you to play satta or matka game at all.

Madhur Matka Jodi Chart

15 34 31 56 ** 17 57
00 39 55 29 19 14 19
07 84 80 29 76 08 20
07 69 06 96 42 01 83
14 00 08 77 06 26 87
26 82 32 72 97 38 09
30 66 60 24 56 60 36
24 13 61 85 06 21 45
27 95 75 16 24 24 43
48 11 53 11 34 09 58
48 98 84 56 45 66 90
84 69 31 16 98 69 30
49 01 47 37 62 07 11
32 54 17 61 91 67 14
80 48 30 35 07 09 77
96 36 36 20 59 ** **
08 99 63 83 18 53 57
80 69 54 07 32 95 55
72 72 17 73 23 66 72
44 97 76 84 61 23 02
30 81 51 76 30 30 97
73 64 22 90 21 68 72
51 44 11 13 81 19 74
59 50 52 25 74 87 14
09 72 ** 30 52 81 61
23 75 63 34 37 75 **

Where to Check Madhur Matka Result? 

Madhur Matka Result is available online which you can see sitting at home. In the decade of 90, the lucky number or open number was detected by telephone. But in modern times you see the result online in mobile, you do not need to go anywhere to see the result. With the help of Milan Matka chart, you can see the current or previously opened numbers. With the help of Matka chart, it becomes a little easier for you to estimate the numbers, so Matka chart has its own special place in this game.

You can check the Madhur Matka result online or the numbers can also be found by contacting the agent. You can also save the open numbers in the Matka chart for the future which helps you to predict the numbers in the upcoming game. By researching the numbers from the Matka chart, your chances of winning increase slightly.

Disclaimer: The purpose of this news given to you is only to provide you the necessary information about the related subject. We at do not encourage betting or gambling or any such illegal activities in any way.

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