When was the Battle of Plassey Fought and Between Whom

Why was the Battle of Plassey Fought?

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  • The Company’s officials took advantage of their trading advantages to the nawab’s detriment. The English fortified Calcutta without the nawab’s permission.
  • The Company tried to fool him even further by providing asylum to Krishna Das, son of Raj Ballabh, a political fugitive who had escaped with large quantities of money against the nawab’s wishes.
  • The Company, on the other hand, suspected Siraj of working with the French in Bengal to severely restrict his trade privileges. As a result, Siraj’s raid on the English fort in Calcutta and takeover of the fort exposed their hostility.
  • The well-known “Black Hole Tragedy” should be included. Siraj-ud-daula is said to have imprisoned 146 English prisoners who died of asphyxia after being crowded into a tiny room.
  • Historians, on the other hand, either refute the story or suggest that the death toll was significantly lower.

Importance of the Battle of Plassey

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  1. The arrival in Calcutta of a huge force from Madras, led by Robert Clive, strengthened the English position in Bengal. Mir Jafar, Rai Durlabh, Jagat Seth (a famous Bengal banker), and Omichand, among the nawab’s traitors, established a secret alliance with Clive.
  2. As part of the arrangement, Mir Jafar would be made nawab, and the Company would be compensated for its efforts. The English viewpoint was bolstered even more by the Company’s concealed affiliation with the conspirators.
  3. As a result, the English victory at the Battle of Plassey (June 23, 1757) was predetermined even before the battle. Due to the nawab’s officials’ scheme, Siraj’s 50,000-strong force was beaten by a fraction of Clive’s soldiers.
  4. Miran, Mir Jafar’s son, had Siraj-ud-daula kidnapped and killed. The English gained control of Bengal’s vast resources after the Battle of Plassey. The English enjoyed a near-monopoly on Bengali trade and commerce after Plassey.

What was the Result of the Battle of Plassey

  • As a result of this victory, Mir Jafar became the Nawab of Bengal. He bestowed large sums of money on the English as well as the zamindari of 24 parganas.
  • From a political sense, the Battle of Plassey was noteworthy because it laid the foundation for the British empire in India; it is correctly regarded as the start of British control in India.
  • The battle solidified England’s military dominance in Bengal. Their main rivals, the French, were defeated. They were given territories in exchange for maintaining a well-equipped military force, and their reputation soared.
  • Despite the fact that Clive achieved complete control of affairs and on whose support the new nawab, Mir Jafar, was fully dependant in order to preserve his newly acquired position, there was no evident change in the form of governance.
  • Calcutta was given to the English, and a Resident was appointed to the nawab’s court.


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