Causes of the Decline of Mughal Empire

Decline of Mughal Empire Historians argue over why the Mughal Empire declined in power. Scholars are divided into two camps: those who believe the advancements are largely imperial in nature, and those who believe they are regional in origin. The Mughal-centric or empire-related view identifies the causes of the empire’s demise in the structure and … Read more

The Carnatic Wars: The Anglo-French Struggle for Supremacy

 The Carnatic Wars  Background Despite the fact that they came to India to trade, the British and French were eventually drawn into India’s politics. They both wanted to cement political power in the region. The Anglo-French conflict in India reflected the traditional rivalry between England and France throughout their histories, beginning with the start of … Read more

Alfonso de Albuquerque, Nino da Cunha- The Portuguese in India

Alfonso de Albuquerque Albuquerque, who followed Almeida as the Portuguese governor of India, was the architect of the Portuguese power in the East, a task he completed before his death. By establishing bases commanding all of the ocean’s entrances, he ensured Portugal’s strategic domination over the Indian Ocean. Portuguese strongholds existed in East Africa, off … Read more

When was the Battle of Plassey Fought and Between Whom

Why was the Battle of Plassey Fought? The Company’s officials took advantage of their trading advantages to the nawab’s detriment. The English fortified Calcutta without the nawab’s permission. The Company tried to fool him even further by providing asylum to Krishna Das, son of Raj Ballabh, a political fugitive who had escaped with large quantities … Read more

Vasco Da Gama, Francisco De Almeida- The Portuguese in India

Vasco Da Gama, the Trader from Europe The arrival of three ships under Vasco Da Gama to Calicut in May 1498, headed by a Gujarati pilot named Abdul Majid, had a significant impact on Indian history. However, the Hindu monarch of Calicut, the Zamorin (Samuthiri), was unconcerned about the Europeans’ intentions. Because Calicut’s status as … Read more

When was the Battle of Buxar Fought and Between Whom

Why was the Battle of Buxar fought? The Company considered Mir Kasim to be the ideal puppet for them. On the other hand, Mir Kasim defied the Company’s expectations. Ram Narayan, Bihar’s deputy governor, refused to deliver the state’s revenue accounts despite the nawab’s repeated pleas. He couldn’t stand Mir Kasim’s brazen defiance of his … Read more

Giuseppe Garibaldi- An Italian Patriot and Soldier

Who was Giuseppe Garibaldi? Giuseppe Garibaldi (July 5, 1807-June 2, 1882) was a Risorgimento soldier and Italian nationalist. Many of the army campaigns that led to the foundation of a unified Italy were directed by him. In honor of his military expeditions in South America and Europe, he became known as the Hero of the … Read more

Giusseppe Mazzini- An Italian Patriot, Philosopher and Politician

Who was Giuseppe Mazzini and what was his contribution? Giuseppe Mazzini was an Italian nationalist, philosopher, and politician who lived from June 22, 1805 to October 10, 1872. Mazzini’s efforts contributed to the creation of the modern Italian state, which replaced the several distinct states that existed until the nineteenth century, many of which were … Read more

List of nine Union Territories in India


  How many Union Territories in India 2021? India’s territory is divided into three categories, according to Article 1 of the Constitution: (1) state territories, (2) union territories, and (3) lands that the Indian government may acquire at any time. In India, there are 28 states, eight union territories. States in India are part of … Read more

Renaissance in Europe

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Importance of Renaissance period in Europe The Renaissance, which is a French word that means “rebirth” or “revival,” moved Europe out of the Middle Ages and into modern times. It took place during the 14th and the early 17th centuries. In the worlds of art, literature, and technology, there was a revival. Life beyond death presented … Read more