Introduction to the Constitution of India

 Introduction to the Constitution of India   In both content and spirit, the Indian Constitution is unique. Despite borrowing from practically every other country’s constitution, India’s Constitution contains some distinguishing aspects that set it apart from other countries’ constitutions. A number of original aspects of the Constitution (as approved in 1949) have undergone significant alteration … Read more

The Peninsular Rivers

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The Peninsular Rivers:-                  The Peninsular drainage system predates the Himalayan drainage system. The broad, largely-graded shallow basins and the maturity of the rivers attest. The Western Ghats, which run close to the western shore, serve as a water divide between the major Peninsular Rivers, which discharge their … Read more

Tributaries of Indus

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The river runs northwest and reaches India’s Ladakh area from a point named Demchok. Once in India, the Indus flows between the Karakoram and the Ladakh ranges, but is closer to the Ladakh range.